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Was up all night with progressively worse eye pain last week. By the time it was dawn my eye was swollen and in crazy pain, so I called the first place with emergency eye care in the area. There were few openings that morning but after describing my symptoms the receptionist told me to come on over ASAP. I was in their office by 8:20 and in the back by 8:25.The staff was so nice and very helpful. I saw the son, Andrew. Immediately it was determined I had a corneal abrasion. After some more tests, I was written a prescription for eye drops, and now about five days later I am finally feeling great again.I would recommend Steinhauer to anyone in a heartbeat. They were so accommodating of my emergency, and I had my rx within half an hour. I unfortunately was heading out of town later that day so I couldn't partake in a follow up appointment a few days later, but they showed concern in always checking in with patients after the appointment. I felt very welcome and taken care of. One last thing-- they were also very helpful with insurance info. I didn't have my parents' insurance card in Madison with me, and the receptionist was very helpful in helping me get the info from my dad and providing him with a fax number for ease. Thanks, all!

- March 2014