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Macular Degeneration Testing and Management

To evaluate for macular degeneration, our optometrists will assess your vision and evaluate the appearance of your macula. If there is any suspicion of macular degeneration, further testing will be performed using our advanced technology. This will also allow our optometrists to monitor you over time for progression of the disease.

There is currently no cure for macular degeneration. The goal of current macular degeneration treatment options is to slow the progression of the disease.

Dry macular degeneration management begins with early detection of the disease during comprehensive eye exams. If signs of macular degeneration are found in your eyes you may be prescribed a specific mix of antioxidants as well as lifestyle modifications that have shown an ability to slow the progression of the disease.

Wet macular degeneration treatment is performed by a retinal specialist. Some of the current treatment options include injections into the eye to inhibit the growth of abnormal blood vessels, and laser sugery.

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