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Cataract Evaluation and Surgery Co-Management

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye normally due to aging. Cataracts prevent clear images from appearing on the retina; causing mild, moderate, or even severe blurred vision.

During the evaluation of your eye health our optometrists will carefully examine your lens for signs of cataract formation. If a cataract is noticed they will continue to monitor your lenses for progression during your annual comprehensive eye exams. If your cataract matures to the point where glasses are no longer able to provide you with acceptable vision, we will refer you to a trusted and respected ophthalmologist for surgery. This is the only known cure for cataracts. The doctors at Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic will be there for you providing pre- and post-surgical care.

Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, the cloudy natural lens is removed and an artificial lens implant is inserted in its place. Cataract surgery is generally performed by an ophthalmologist in an outpatient setting in a surgical center or hospital. The surgeon uses local anesthesia so there is usually little or no discomfort to the patient. Well over 90% of operations are successful in restoring useful vision, with a low complication rate.

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The more you know about cataracts, the better prepared you will be to deal with them – or help prevent them in the first place!

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