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Comprehensive Eye Exams

eye chart2To keep your eyes and vision in top shape, optometric experts recommend that you have a comprehensive eye exam performed yearly. In line with this, we encourage all of our patients to come in for regular eye evaluations in our Madison, WI office. It doesn’t matter how old you are, (from infants to golden-agers) or what physical condition you’re in, routine eye examinations are the best preventive care for your eyesight!

Many common ocular diseases and vision conditions may have no symptoms, especially at the early stages. During our gentle and thorough eye exams in Madison, our expert eye doctors will inspect your inner eye tissues and retina for signs of any abnormalities. By identifying problems before they impact your vision, you’ll be able to begin treatment immediately, which greatly improves the success rate of preventing future vision loss. Pediatric eye examinations are particularly important, as they may detect a vision condition that could cause learning delays or difficulties in school.

Eyes also provide us with a look at your overall health. When we check your eyes in our Burbank clinic, we pay attention to indications of certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. Our eye exams assess much more than just your vision. We care personally about the health of each and every patient we see!

How is our eye exam different from a vision screening?

Vision testing can be done anywhere and is often conducted by a volunteer or nurse. These tests may help identify a need for eyeglasses, yet they cannot detect signs of eye disease. When our experienced eye doctors examine your eyes, every part of your ocular health will be considered.

At the end of your complete eye exam at the Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic, we will meet with you to share and discuss the results. If treatment is required, we will work together with you to design the most suitable plan for your lifestyle, health condition, and visual requirements.