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Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic | Eye Doctors Near You in Madison, Wisconsin

At Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic, we take pride in providing precise and personalized eye care for people of all ages. We take time to listen to your visual concerns so that we can determine the best vision correction to suit your needs. Using the most current technology, we offer eye health assessments and treatment of eye disease. We manage everything from routine eye exams to eye emergencies, as well as co-manage eye surgeries such as LASIK and cataract surgery.

Our eye doctor near you, Dr. Thomas Steinhauer and his sons are experienced in diagnosing and treating whatever it is that stands between you and your best vision and comfort. They are able to patiently explain to you the results of your eye exam and discuss your best options for treatment. Dr. Thomas Steinhauer specializes in finding the cause for those who suffer from dry eye syndrome. Your optometrist near you can help those with low vision with techniques and specialized aids to help you maximize your remaining vision.  Pediatric eye exams, LASIK surgery co-management, Ortho-k, eye emergencies and treating optical issues related to diabetes are also available eye care near you. Dr. Thomas Steinhauer and his sons are also knowledgeable in many ways that changes to your our diet and lifestyle affect your eyes with advice to improve your life and vision!

Dr. Thomas Steinhauer has been practicing optometry in Madison for over thirty years and his sons, Dr. Andrew Steinhauer and Dr. Brian Steinhauer, have since joined him.

At Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic we enjoy caring for your entire family. New patients are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Meet the Eye Doctors near you at Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic

Dr. Thomas Steinhauer
Dr. Steinhauer
Dr. Brain Steinhauer
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Eye Exams for the Whole Family

Regardless of your age or physical health, it’s important to have regular eye exams.

During a complete eye exam, your eye doctor will not only determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Family Eye Exams
Sharp Vision & Healthy Eyes

By scheduling a free consultation with Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic, you can take advantage of a $1000 discount off LASIK at one of our partnering TLC centers. Contact our office today for further details

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Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that solely impacts diabetics. During the early stages of diabetes, there may be no noticeable symptoms, so it’s critical to have your eyes checked at least once a year. Book your appointment at Steinhauer Family Eye Clinic today!

Woman wearing multiple pair of eyeglasses in Madison, WI

When it comes to your eyeglasses, 2 pairs are tough to beat. You may find that one pair of glasses can't do it all. Ask your eye care professional about the many second pair options available to you.

Red Cross

Eye Emergencies

If you experience loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection or any eye emergency, contact us immediately for guidance.

We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications and promote long-lasting clear eyesight. Please call our office at: 608-260-7561 for further instructions.

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While many people turn to tap water to rinse their eyes, it may not always be safe. Find out when to use water, and what to use when you can't!

Your Eyes As A Window Into Your Whole-Body Health

Did you know that your eyes are often the first line of defense when it comes to detecting and treating many common systemic diseases and conditions? It's true!